The Gym Shorts

I was doing that thing again, staring mindlessly into clothes full of closet and repeating "I have nothing to wear". Then I stared mindlessly some more until I thought fuck it, I'll rock what I've got. 

If you're thinking did she get lost her on way to gym? Then no. To be honest exercise and gym - they do not exist in my dictionary. Then why the gym shorts? I say why not. Let me tell you ladies, there is nothing more liberating than wearing whatever the hell you want, which in my case are these comfortable pair of shorts. They are so versatile that we need another word for versatile. 

For example, you woke up to go to gym, so you put on your tank top and your gym shorts but somehow the universe conspire you to go out with your girlfriends to eat more calories. Then you could, like me throw on a leather jacket and twirl three times (precisely three times) Et Voila! Magically you now look appropriate and ready to interact with the rest of the human population.  

But wait! The most important of all - Des Shoes

If you don't already know, there aren't many outfits that a pair of sexy shoes can't transform. I am upping the ante by wearing these frisky red ankle straps, as you can see it gives the outfit a certain feminine edge. 
Now you are ready to rock what you've got. Let's all pray together for the weather to stay warm and sunny. 
Happy Weekend <3

H&M top and shorts, Topshop jacket (similar here), Zara heels

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