Power of Classics

When the sun finally decided to shower us with some Vitamin D and shoot us with UV rays, I decided to take the liberty of wearing The White shirt and denim cut offs. The legs are officially out! (and yeah I had to slap that red shit on my lips). 

It's a given that the combination of a plain white shirt and denim is pure match made in Jesus land. And as the saying goes 'Higher the heels, closer to heaven', this is why, perhaps, I felt so inclined to wear 4 inch heels. But of course, if your sole mate is a pair of cute flats then you can always switch.  

I just realised that my feet are paler than the rest of my body. It needs more fake tan. I have solemnly declared I shall not sun bathe, as I have experienced really bad tan lines which remorsefully is still tattooed on my body in the shape of triangle bikini. 

Happy Tuesday!

River Island shirt, Topshop shorts, Asos cycling shorts (wasn't in the mood to let my ass hang out of my shorts), H&M jewellery, Mango sunglasses and Zara heels 

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