Cosy Christmas

I hope you all had a magical Christmas :) 

Yes I disappeared for more than a month and my reason is that I've been asphyxiated with a pile of course works. Other than that I have no excuse shame on me! plus I gained some weight over the last few days
I was a little bit disappointed that we didn't have any relatives over this year (they had to work on Christmas) but it turned out great, it was really cosy with just me and my people.

Today I wore this really beautiful red sweater that I stole from my mom's closet and I decided to jazz it up with this multi coloured sequinned skirt. As for the make up, it was the most basic bronze/gold smokey eyes and chapstick for the lips. I didn't use any bronzer 'cause I wanted to just embrace the pale winter look haha 

With all that being said, I shall now proceed to my coursework.
Until next time folks! 

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