Office Girl

Trying out new hairstyle -  Short, Sleek and Chic. I really like the practical side of this hairstyle... easy to maintain and style.

I read a lot of blogs and I always wonder how they have so much to talk about and then there's me with no clue on what to write. I'm sitting on the floor with my little cousin and thinking hard what to write in this post... I'll just begin with a generic sentence.

Well I wore this outfit to a formal event with family, and YES I wore my favourite black blazer (from hk). When I got to the event I realised I was the only girl in trousers. Suddenly it hit me... that I would trade all my dresses with pants or trousers if I could. I tend to gravitate towards androgyny pieces mixed with feminine details or colour. The top I'm wearing is actually my mom's dress! the colours went well together. And the best part is the SHOES! These babies are latest in my Zara collection. Its so chic and comfy and sexy. lovelovelove it. 

Thats all for today. 
Au revoir xo


  1. This outfit is so chic you look lovely. love your Zara heels.

    1. I love it too! I'm currently wearing it to another event, its so comfy!
      and Thank you :)

  2. formal yet so feminine.

  3. you look so pretty! :D