I'm still not ready to let go of summer yet, although its getting chillier by the day. Summer just flew past and its Autumn already... but that just means Christmas is just around the corner! all that glitz and glamour.
I'm getting way ahead of myself now. I haven't been shopping lately partly because I am broke and been really busy with all the college work and an extended project I'm working on. I will make a separate post about the project soon... just bare with me :D
Anyway this is how I usually go to college when I have business lessons, trying to looking like you mean business by wearing smart clothes. But instead of trousers, I wore leopard print leggings because its much more comfy and warm. Temperature is dropping really quickly, I hate wearing layers and layers clothes. I feel suffocated, probably because I'm tiny... hmm I'll take that into consideration. 

until next time readers  

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