Because it's Autumn

Shorter days and cooler temperature are definitely the tell-tale signs that it is now officially ‘The Fall’. 
Here I have put together two outfits. 

1. Since it's chillier now, the turtle neck sweater is going to be my best friend because of it's versatility. In this first outfit I'm playing with the season's hottest colour *drum rolls* PINK! Putting pink and shades of grey together has that certain je ne sais quois that is ever so chic and the leather accent toughens up the feminine colour. I personally love this sort of juxtaposing, mixing feminine and masculine pieces together to create an effortless cool girl look. So this season if you look like you shrunk in your outerwear, then girl! you are working the new 'cool' silhouette i.e humongous cocoon coat. 

2. Now we're going to the other end of a spectrum. This outfit is maximal in a subdued way. Because the clothes are monochromatic, hints of rich jewel tones makes the outfit fall appropriate. Here I'm playing with the grid prints - grids on grids on grids.

If the grids got you thinking of maths, which is associated with 'x' problems which could then lead to stress and subconsciously that stress will give you a 'V' between the two random patches of thick hair (or thin depending on your heredity) above your eyes. That 'V' is not a cute look. I'll tell you that! 
In another words, if the grids are too much for you then you can tone it down a bit by switching the grid coat to another plain coat. 

So yeah, you've reached the end of this post. I wonder how many of you actually read the things I babble. Anyway I hope everyone is having a lovely week. X



Once upon a time in my final year of college I was working on a project which precisely included a fashion editorial. I was the stylist and the make up artist (girls were definitely fortuitous to have looked this good after enduring my artsy-fartsy beauty chichane)

On serious note the editorial was featuring the key trends of SS13. The point of convergence was the minimalistic approach to the trends, bearing 'clean lines' on mind. 

This editorial was definitely inspired by Stella McCartney's very low key, relaxed but put together show. When I was styling the outfits, no detail was too small - it was all about the texture, the fabric, the print and the silhouette. 
So let me be bias and pick the last outfit as my favourite (just another testament for my historic love affair with sartorial tailoring). The Power Suit. From Raf Simons debut Prêt-à-Porter at Dior to Olivier Rousteing's bold shoulders at Balmain to Victoria Bechkam's sexed up tux with a skimpy bra top. Power suit was the spring's Power Player. 

Yeah it's a season late. I acknowledged it just before I decided to do this post. I also want to thank the models and of course the talented Gyan Gurung who took the courtesy of taking these amazing pictures. 

My sincerest apology for being Haute Couture-ly late. (get it?)